Every journey begins with a first step“ (Lao Tzu)


Time-out in 5 days

Take some time out for yourself and return with a new awareness, new vitality and quality of life! Receive valuable impulses and learn in a soothing, relaxing and inspiring vacation environment

You are in the right place if you:
• are self-employed, a entrepreneur, an executives or manager
• would like to consciously live your life- no matter what profession you are in
• are facing or find yourself already in a phase of change?
• would like to bring your personality in harmony with professional challenges
• want to live a more self-determined and effective life
• would like to reflect on your life - whether professionally or privately - and gather new ideas

What are the requirements? Quite simple. Taking the initiative on a voluntary basis is the first step to a positive change.

What I offer you

New stimuli are beneficial and often necessary for breaking old patterns. Therefore I offer my services in a new environment allowing you to distance yourself in a positive way from your previous situation. So that you feel particularly comfortable, the sessions take place in a relaxing holiday atmosphere. The surrounding magnificent and dazzling landscape is a particularly suitable environment to allow you the space and distance to let go and and invite new perspectives into your life. You will finally find the time to slow down. All levels of body, mind and spirit will be involved through various techniques, including discussions, exercises and self-reflection. You have the choice between an intensive individual coaching or an enriching group workshop - I will accompany you personally in both cases.

What you can gain

How would it be to lead an aware, integrated life and thereby interact more consciously with your fellow man? Opt for a healthy and conscious lifestyle: whether due to pending changes, out of curiosity or simply the wish to reflect and gather momentum - the circumstances for participating can be varied.

You choose

Would you prefer to have an effective individual coaching all to yourself or rather be enriched by and within the group? In both scenarios, I accompany you personally with experience, sensitivity and competence.

If you have any questions, I am available to advise you.

effective individual coaching
enriching group workshops