Your company is growing? You would like to meet this change with clear leadership and conscious corporate culture? You would like to win your employees from different cultures to work together more effectively?

"We can only achieve what we have accomplished in ourselves"


Your company is thriving – also on an international level. You notice that these growing pains strongly affect the management culture and social climate in your company. Pressure, stress and communication problems are at the expense of clear leadership, effective teamwork and human interaction. You would like to take preventive measures? It is important for you that apart from achieving sales targets there is a positive, multi-culturally accepting work climate; that the managers expand their leadership competencies dealing with challenges and that values such as mindfulness and personal responsibility are applied. I would like to support you through this process – both as a personal coach and in management and team development programmes for your team. How would it feel to have managers who can lead more effectively, with more awareness and to have well-functioning teams with mindful and responsible team members? Contact me today.

You can work with me as a consultant, trainer and coach on the following topics:
For you as a leader and for your team:

Leadership Development Programme - Business Coaching - Team Development - Facilitation of Workshops

For you in your personal development:

Effective individual coaching or group workshops on the topics: personality and self-awareness development, dealing with personal and professional challenges of negotiating through changes and reorganization.

About me
Michèle Francesca Ribeiro

Through 25 years of professional experience in a variety of industries and companies of all sizes, I have gained in-depth corporate knowledge and recognize the issues and challenges that organizations and working individuals face today. Living and working in Africa, Europe and North America has also strengthened my multicultural awareness. As a consultant, trainer and coach, I would be glad to support you in your personal development and leadership and to support your staff - also multicultural teams - in strengthening their communication and leadership skills for a more effective management and cooperation.